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dental care - Basil Dental Clinic

  • Root Canal Treatment

    A root canal treatment would typically undergo the below steps Local anaesthesia is usually administered. The tooth is isolated with a rubber dam to prevent contamination from saliva and to protect the patient. An opening is made through the top of the tooth to gain entrance to the root canal system. The pulp tissue is painlessly removed with special instruments called files. Periodic radiographs (“x-rays”) or digital images must be taken to ensure that these instruments correspond to the exact length of the root so that the entire tissue can be removed. Electronic apex locators can be used as adjuncts to help determine or verify lengths. The root canal is cleaned, enlarged, and shaped so that it can be filled or sealed properly. Sometimes medications are placed in the opening to prevent infection between appointments. If treatment cannot be completed in one visit, a temporary filling is placed in the crown opening between appointments. At the final appointment, the canal is sealed to safeguard it from further contamination. Permanent restoration of the tooth is accomplished after the completion of the root canal treatment.

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