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  • Drawings Classes

    ₹10,000 / 1

    Painting is an art and this art can be learnt very easily. Everyone Loves painting but for professionals, painting is not just a hobby but it a worship and work with dedication. For a painting to be attractive and awesome, colors and the accessories used to do the painting are really very necessary. The pen and ink play a really important role in painting’s success. So, if you also want to learn the painting like professionals then, try Bhavy Shila painting classes in Gurgaon. These classes will take you to another level of painting. The mentors and guide at Bhavy Shila are really good at their work. Bhavy Shila don't just teaches you painting but it provides you the academic certified course for this skills so, you will be a certified artist. Bhavy Shila offers one of the best painting classes in Gurgaon for adults. You must try it. For paintings to be great, try the following tips by Bhavy Shila, you will definitely it all useful and worthy. Use all these tips of working with pen and ink in your next sketch, scribble or painting! Also brush up on the pen and ink techniques if you are a beginner. For the fine and accurate lining and the border, black India ink is your go-to. This ink is pigment-based, light fast, permanent and waterproof. But if you don't like it and want to go beyond black, then cartridge pens let you swap out colors with ease. No need for an old-school ink well.

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