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Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Care Services Cost and Plan

General Dentistry

  • General Dentistry

    Being a multi-speciality dental clinic, our mavens span across different areas of dentistry right from endodontists to implant experts, paediatric dentistry (pedodontist), orthodontists, orofacial pain specialists, as well as smile designers and dental surgeons. Whether it is a smile correction treatment or root canal treatment, tooth whitening, and much more, we provide you with the right action for all your dental problems.

Implant Dentistry

  • Dental Implants

    With ultra-modern facilities, we have earned a name in the dental implant and cosmetic dentistry arena globally. You come to us without teeth and go back with teeth. That's what we are practicing in our clinic using the technique permanent teeth in 3 days. Our specialists feel your pain of not being able to chew food properly cause of that missing tooth, we want to give you fast and permanent solution.

Invisalign Treatement

  • Invisalign Treatement

    We at COSMODENT INDIA have always been keen on increasing understanding and awareness of various technical aspects of dentistry. This section would help our readers to be provided with a brief insight into how the world’s most advanced aligner system works. How does the Invisalign technique enable aligning teeth without the help of bulky metal/ceramic braces?

Kids Dentistry

  • Child Dentistry

    Kids dentist have observed bacteria in mouths of all human beings, whether young or adult. When these bacteria come into contact with sugary foods which are left behind after eating, acids are produced. These acids attack the outer layer of teeth i.e. enamel taking away all the mineral content and creating holes in the teeth, which we call cavities.

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