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    Oxyzo is a business loan provider that offers purchase finance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Purchase finance refers to the funds that a business uses to purchase equipment, inventory, or other assets that are necessary for its operations. Oxyzo's purchase finance solutions are designed to help SMEs acquire the assets they need to grow their business, without having to use their own cash or disrupt their cash flow.   Oxyzo's purchase finance options include equipment financing, inventory financing, and vendor financing. Equipment financing allows businesses to borrow money to purchase the equipment they need, such as machinery, vehicles, and other assets. Inventory financing allows businesses to borrow money to purchase the inventory they need, such as raw materials and finished goods. Vendor financing allows businesses to purchase goods from vendors on credit terms, rather than paying for them upfront.   One of the key benefits of working with Oxyzo for purchase finance is that they offer flexible loan terms and competitive interest rates. They also provide a range of customized loan solutions to fit the unique needs of different businesses. Additionally, Oxyzo's application process is streamlined and they can provide funding within a few days.   Overall, Oxyzo is a reliable and trustworthy provider of purchase finance for SMEs. They help small business owners to acquire the assets they need to grow their business and overcome their short-term cash flow challenges. Oxyzo's purchase finance options are designed to support the growth and expansion of SME's by providing them with the necessary funds to acquire assets that are vital for their business operations.


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