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Primary School, Pre Primary School, Creche

  • Primary School, Pre Primary School, Creche

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Shemford Futuristic school in gurugram Infrastructure - Smart School Campus - Centrally Air Conditioned - Access Control for Safety - Tech-Enabled Labs - Light Bags- Locker for Each Student At SHEMFORD Futuristic School, we aim at addressing all the concerns of 21st-century parents, while making learning interesting, engaging and motivating for children. While setting up the best school in Gurgaon – we talked to a number of parents and they all had concerns about the way their children were being schooled. So we decided to set up a school keeping in mind the needs of Gurgaon parents and Gurgaon children. The school has been designed with a vision to create a safe, welcoming and collaborative learning environment so that the parents can stay assured about their child’s health, safety and education even with their demanding schedules. Here, we believe in the power of ‘what if…’ and the endless possibilities that come with it. What if you could find a school where you don’t have to worry about: – the safety and nutrition of your child while you are away? – putting your career on the backseat for the sake of your child? – your child misusing the internet in your absence? – paying the exorbitant fee that your child’s extra-classes demand? – your child not getting adequate sleep due to early morning school? – saying no to social obligations on weekdays, as your child can’t afford to sleep late? – not spending quality time with your child as most evenings are occupied with school-related work? – your child’s school not paying attention to her specific learning needs?

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